Getting to Know JB

Hey! I am JB! I am an electrician, husband, and dad.

When I was young, I played every sport I could – baseball, basketball, football, swimming, golf, etc. I lived outside. It was super easy to stay fit. As I got older, I kept adding responsibilities and it got harder and harder to stay active and stay fit.

Before my son was born, my wife and I stayed pretty active. We enjoyed hiking, mountain biking, paddle boarding, rafting, and cross country skiing. If we needed to lose a few pounds – like for our wedding or a beach vacation – it was pretty easy. We would watch how we ate and kick up the activity. We didn’t really have to try all that hard.

After my son was born, it got a lot harder to stay active. All of a sudden, leaving the house was an ordeal. We couldn’t just decide we wanted to go for a hike on the spur of the moment and be out of the house 15 minutes later. Now we have to plan ahead. Do we have enough snacks? Water? Are we taking the Bob, Burley or backpack? It has been hard to stay motivated.


I was also demotivated by the fact that I used to be in great shape and I just let myself go. It would have been a heck of a lot easier to just try to maintain. Now it felt like I was starting from scratch.


I am now inviting you to join myself and my wife on our journey to getting healthy again. We are going to meal plan, work out and stay active. Comment below with things you have tried that worked/didn’t work!